Nuorten suojelu

Gambling only for adults (18+)

Gambling is prohibited for persons under the age of adolescence. Furthermore it must be ensured that the customer has full control over his property.

In order to ensure that minors won’t play, we have to ask for the name, address and age of our customers.

Our promotion is only addressed to adults.

LordLucky has the right to ask for an age legitimation of the customer.

To make sure that minors won`t play without your knowledge from your computer, please pay attention to these guide lines:

  • Lock gambling websites for minors with software for youth protection
  • Don`t let your children unattended while gambling
  • Put your Credit / Debit Cards and your Bank Account Information out of reach of minors.
  • Don`t use the option "Save Password" for the gambling software
  • Create Profiles for your children on your personal computer, so that they wont be able to access your information

Protection of children and youth

Not everything on the medium internet is appropriate for children and youths, too. Visual control of persons who enter a gambling arcade in Germany is obligatory and now has to be established for online business as well.

The legislator obligates content provider in the internet to ensure with technical measurements that minors are not abled to access the provided content.

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